Aug 1, 2011

Rise of the Human Trees

Perhaps the title brings to mind the Ents for my lovely nerdy readers. Prepare to be disappointed you poor things.

Really, I imagine the title just aroused curiosity. When I came across the article Biopresence-Human DNA Trees on the super-awesome blog What is Next Nature? Random thought: lack of contractions just sound weird to me sometimes.

The particular article I want to bring to your attention is about the dearly departed. Researchers have found a way to take the DNA from the deceased and incorporate it into tree DNA. The "essence" of the human is attached to the tree DNA as junk code using something called the Manifold method - which I won't even pretend to understand. As junk code, the human DNA is harmless to the tree and basically just sits there.

But it is there.

Now you'd have an excuse to hug a tree if you're a closet tree-hugger! On a more sweet note, seeing the tree that your loved one's DNA is coded into grow year after year instead of a tombstone that erodes and is still sounds really nice.

Unless the tree doesn't grow for some reason. Or it gets sick. Or struck by lightning. Or pushed over by strong winds......those would all be like salt in the wound, huh?

On the bright side, if the tree's life is prematurely ended at least it won't join the ranks of rebellious and angry half-tree-half-human entities in their efforts to usurp human kind - the inevitable effect of combining human and tree DNA.

But at least the loved ones would be roaming the earth again. :3

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