Aug 14, 2011

Catch-Up Post #3

Maaaaaad props to defective yeti. In fact, I call for a celebration parade in his honor.

It's a little sad that more and more English speakers don't know how to write a sentence or use the proper words in their proper places. Not that I'm in ANY place to judge anyone for that. I just think it's unfortunate and we could all use a boost. Some of us learn better from our mistakes.

*Awkward Pause* Like me...

Defective yeti has proposed another use for CAPTCHA programs. Namely, logging on. If defective yeti had his way, every time you logged on to the Internet you would be greeted by something like this:
The fact that I laughed almost hard enough to cry when I first visited this site says a lot about me. Terribly unfortunate things about me. Wow. But you have to admit, it might be a clever tool to teach people the proper use of similar words.

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