Aug 13, 2011

Catch-Up Post #1

So far behind in my planned posts...I blame the Internet.

Also laziness and a lack of inspiration. Tonight I have energy and some cleverness left in me, so I'll be doing a few catch-up posts.

The first topic is, naturally, from another article on the blog Next Nature, also known as What is Next Nature. Sometimes? They took the banner down, so now I'm confused.

I should probably not post at 2 in the morning....oh well!

This post is about a new type of Jell-O that may have you thinking twice about grabbing some on your next shopping trip. Regardless of the new or old type available. The post reminded me just what gelatin is actually made out of - I'd learned once upon a time and promptly forgotten.

However, this post alerted me to the fact that The American Chemical Society has come up with "human-derived gelatin."

This was my reaction: [you have to click on it to make the GIF work for some reason...]
Now when I read the rest of the post, I understood the reasons behind it. But I think it'd make more sense to just eat a vegan version of doesn't seem like a smart idea to feed humans their own species' DNA. Then again, I'm not a brilliant scientist who understands all the implications. 
by chispita_666 from Flickr
Mmmm, processed animal skin, cartilage, and bones/human DNA. A healthy addition to any meal?

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