Aug 13, 2011

Catch-Up Post #2

This next post comes from GeekWire.

I was strolling through some posts and happened upon this one. At first I LOL'd. Then I became interested enough to peruse their website.
Ever been frustrated with a lack of motivation for losing weight? You might find some with Earndit. Basically, and I do mean basically, it's a reward system for working out. You pick what you want to be rewarded with among the available selections, set a goal, connect it to an approved app, and go! The site even provides the option to face off with other users, kind of like a PvP weight loss face off. 

Oh em gee. I think I just came up with a catchy TV show title...

The story behind the site is really interesting! Since GeekWire has it all down already, I'll let the more interested readers just click the link to learn more. That and....there's no reward site for re-posting yet.

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