Jul 12, 2011

Summer Reading Fail

I am embarrassingly far behind on my summer reading list. Naturally, it's not because I haven't had time - I'm just too addicted to the Internet. It's like big bookstores, it goes on 'forever' and I can't stop crawling around all the different spaces. Sometimes I stay in one section for a really long time and other times I'm just breezing through. Either way, I can't stop browsing!

Bookstores and the interwebs, my productivity kryptonite.

Currently on my reading list are all the fiction books written by author John Scalzi [I've finished "Old Man's War" and "Ghost Brigades". I have a signed copy of "Little Fuzzy" and the kindle version of "Lost Colony" to do next.], "Deadline" by Mira Grant, and I just picked up a copy of "My Life as a White Trash Zombie" by Diana Rowland a few hours ago. If you haven't read anything by John Scalzi - pick up "Old Man's War", you will NEVER regret it.

These are all books I would normally voraciously devour, but I find myself more interested in managing my Zombie Lane Facebook game and cleaning up my computer files.

Anyone else seeing a slight zombie theme here? Unintentional, but this is the kind of girl I am. I get on theme kicks and then get sick of them.

Right now, instead of writing this blog entry I should totally have my nose in "My Life as a White Trash Zombie".  It's sitting right next to me. That awesome pink and grey cover is calling to me. And still, I type on.

In my Facebook feed I see multiple posts about the books my friends have finished or started reading. I cringe a little in guilt when I see those posts. I know I'm the only one holding myself to that standard, but I can't help but feel lazy when I spend more of my day on the Internet than anything else.

Yet, it doesn't seem to stop me from doing it frequently...

Like I said, productivity kryptonite. Curses!

Thankfully, I think my Facebook games theme is winding down. After awhile they take so much to maintain that they become more trouble than they're worth - especially that whole adding 'neighbors' in your games thing, how is that NOT annoying? In fact, I think I'll pick one of my books for tonight. It won't be long before I have to put it down for family movie night, but at least I'll get started on it!

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