Jul 13, 2011

Excuse Me...

What's up with educated people using the term "bad guys"?

Excuse me, but if you're a fancy-pants, snooty college educated, individual - like, I dunno, the president of ANYTHING - you have no excuse for using the term. None, do you hear me? None! It makes you sound like a ten-year-old. I have no confidence in the intelligence or leadership capabilities of ten-year-olds.

I get the urge to force you to sit in the corner and read a thesaurus. It's good for you, like your veggies!

There exists a wealth of terms and phrases that could easily be substituted and would not make you sound like a perpetual child with a simplistic view of the world - which implies a simple mind. In example: Enemies, perpetrators, criminals, antagonizers, assailants, miscreants, aggressors, and so on. Your creativity is the only limiting factor.

Let's make a game out of it, I'll even give away internet points as prizes! How exciting!

I'm eyeing your hoity-toity degree with suspicion when you use simplistic terms like that. Yes, I'm judging you and no, I won't stop. You can't make me! I keep waiting for someone to stand up and say, "Hey, what's up with that? Didn't you go to Rocket Surgery University or some sort of Ivy League university?" and start the change going in the opposite direction

I suppose it's one of my many [allow me to emphasize this here, MANY] pet peeves. I just can't help but hone in and hear it when someone uses it on the radio, TV, or a live speech. It's literally like my ears have a zoom setting and I hear it crystal clear, even if I wasn't really listening in the first place.

Curse you ears...cuuuuurse you.

No, seriously, does anyone have/remember those things you plugged into walls to drive away insects with sounds human ears can't hear? I hear that crap, man and it's annoying as hell. In case you were wondering, it's a steady beat of pitched chirps that have a bit of a shrill squeak to them.

I discovered this while sleeping on the couch at a relative's house. I had to unplug the blasted things whenever I was in a room with one. I didn't always get away with it and had to suffer through the hellacious sound while being forced to watch movies or to maintain a conversation with the distraction spiking into my tender ears.

Yes, it WAS that dramatic, gosh!

I've also been known to hear bat chirps. I didn't know most people aren't able to hear them and accidentally outed my freakish ability once or twice. Those concerned is-she-or-is-she-not-crazy looks burn. One or two people always think I'm either crazy or making it up.

Sometimes, I intentionally try to destroy my hearing capabilities with loud music because of the frustrations my freakish hearing causes.  Then I feel bad because sometimes I actually DO get crazy and anthropomorphize parts of my body. I blame the shows I watched as a child that indicated inanimate objects had their own will when you weren't looking.

Curse them as well!

Anyway, back to the original rant: "Bad Guys"

I'm nowhere near a perfect speaker or writer, and I'm no grammar nazi, but I do at least try. Also, I'm not an elected official or a high-profile individual. Expectations for the "average" person are different than those who are in leadership/official/professional positions. Increasingly hearing/seeing such people falling back on simplistic terms and phrases gives me the impression of laziness and/or ignorance.


If young children are forced to standards in school [Ah, the horrors of score cards and grades!], then I expect the overlords enforcing these standards to maintain them in themselves. ZEE HYPOCRITES!

Yes, I realize the irony in that whole overlord thing. An overlord would never need to maintain anything but fear in the masses s/he's...well...lording...over...

Well this was supposed to be a short, quirky post but then I went and rambled. :S This is what happens when you blog while exhausted. Then again, brevity was never my forte.

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