Jul 21, 2011


Who fights pollution, you ask? Why, the producers of the "Transformers" movies!

For some reason, they think they can create a successful live-action movie based off of the 1990's television hit, "Captain Planet." 

Now, let me interject here and say I was a HUGE fan of the show. I always had a little girl crush on Kwame...rawr! I swear, only Richard Dean Anderson (a.k.a. Angus MacGyver) pulled off the mullet better than Captain Planet. Who pulls off a mullet, really? MacGyver and Captain Freaking Planet, that's who!
RAWR! Look at those cheekbones......did I mention I also had a little girl crush on MacGyver?
So don't get me wrong, I have a special place in my heart for "Captain Planet," however I lack the vision someone else seems to have that could turn the cheesy-feel-good show into a blockbuster. They could surprise me - and I'd be thrilled to be surprised. But for now, my expectations will remain low. 

There are a lot of columns on the buzz about the movie, but I suggest you look here at Screen Rant's to start.

On a related note: Disney has announced a project to create a live-action movie based off another 90's show, "Gargoyles".

Um...I also had a little girl crush on Brooklyn and Goliath...I KNOW THEY WEREN'T HUMAN, QUIT LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT!

I think that the "Gargoyles" movie has a better chance than the "Captain Planet," but that also depends on what they do with "Gargoyles". They're not going to use the original cast of characters. Nope. They're going to do a live-action movie about a different set of gargoyles who protect New York City. I have to say, I'm a tad disappointed. :( 

But then again, they won't be able to destroy precious childhood memories with terrible modern interpretations of the characters. So, yippie for that!

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