Jul 26, 2011

No Excuse for Not Reading Anymore

I can't remember how I stumbled upon this site, but it deserves a little pat on the back. It's part of the site RinkWorks which you can find sidewards on my Awesome Sites list.

Got a summer reading list but no time to finish it? You, my friend, are in need of Book-A-Minute. Yes, that's right, Book-A-Minute. They have three categories on the site: Sci-Fi and Fantasy, Classics, and Bedtime. 

Bedtime is for kids if you didn't catch that. Also, the description for this section is hilarious.

If you're not entirely convinced about the idea of perusing Book-A-Minute, allow me to wow you with one of the shining gems on the site.

Dante's Inferno, a great book and an even more awesome play! Too busy to read/watch Inferno? No problem! Book-A-Minute is here to help you out!

By Dante
Ultra-Condensed by David Yuds

Some woman puts Dante through Hell.

Thanks, Books-A-Minute! I feel more enriched and well-read already! :D (Does it count even though I read Inferno the slow way before?)

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